About us


Back in 2018, our co-founders Dan and Ella went to a business seminar as strangers. After three days seated together, they quickly discovered their common interest in all things business, networking and personal development. Ella had the idea for an all-natural body wipe as an alternative to showering after her morning gym sesh, and it didn’t take long for Dan to convince her that together, they could bring this ingenious idea to life. That’s how Maema was born.

We designed Maema with one thing in mind: to help people become their most authentic self by highlighting their natural beauty. In a world of body modifications, Photoshop and social media filters, Maema aims to make you feel confident in your own skin.

From the very beginning, Maema was destined to be a completely one-of-a-kind, unprecedented product. We are so dedicated to our core values, that we spent an entire year perfecting the look, texture and scent of our body wipes, using only natural and certified organic materials. With a lot of testing, patience and determination, we are excited to bring you Australia’s first 100% natural and organic body wipe!

As a natural skin care brand, our priority is optimal hygiene, performance and comfort. When you use Maema all-natural, certified organic body wipes, we want you to feel as fresh and invigorated as you would right after a shower. Think of it as a time-saving, environmentally sustainable shower on-the-go. Say hello to a more confident you. Say hello to Maema.